Happy Client: Janice in Wanderland stays in Villa Atilana


How we spent less than 2,000 pesos in Marinduque

Thinking of going on a vacation but on a tight budget? Wanna be away from the city but you only have the weekends? Let me share to you how we spent less than 2,000 pesos for 2 days in Marinduque, the heart of the Philippines and the fifth smallest province in the country.

Marinduque isn’t just famous because of their Moriones festival but also for the nice beaches that you will surely love. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t name it as the heart of the Philippines if nothing is special about it, besides from the fact that it is heart-shaped.

It took us 6-7 hours to get to Maniwaya Island, which where we have booked our accommodation. Maniwaya is just a small island, with solar power running as their main source of electricity. There’s still a signal in the island so you don’t need to worry on updating your social media.

We chose to stay in Villa Atilana because of its bamboo-made architecture, cooler than those that are made of concrete. Not only that they serve good food, but the owners are also accommodating. We were welcomed by the owner like we were their relatives who came to visit. It felt like were home in a unfamiliar place.

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